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Am incercat ceva nou pentru blog – de azi, exista si primul post in format audio. Imi doream sa fac asta de ceva vreme asa ca nu am mai stat pe ganduri prea mult. Pentru inceput am transformat continutul unei postari mai personale, pe care o puteti citi aici. Mai jos puteti asculta cele doua fisiere, sunt disponibile in engleza si romana si o sa imi cer scuze de pe acum … da, engleza mea nu e perfecta si nu va fi niciodata. Astept parerile voastre 🙂 I tried something new for my blog – starting today you can listen to my first audio post. I wanted to do this for some time now so I took the first step. My first audio post is a personal one, you can read it here. Click below to listen to the two files, available in English and Romanian. I am going to apologize, my English is not perfect and it never will be. Enjoy, and I’m waiting for your opinions 🙂


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Salutare tuturor! Am absentat nemotivat, insa in curand voi reveni aici. Am luat o scurta pauza si asta pentru ca am fost in vacanta. Mi-am dorit sa imi regasesc inspiratia si sa caut cateva idei noi. Voi reveni aici, in bucatica mea de internet si cu poze frumoase din vacanta.

Sa va bucurati in comtinuare de vara asta caniculara! 🙂

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be back here with new content, images and beautiful pictures and tips from my vacation. I took some time to get inspired, recharge my batteries and think about what will happen next with my piece of the internet.

Stay cool, and enjoy the summer! 🙂


Noi, romanii, avem tendinta de a absorbi in cultura noastra diverse sarbatori, obiceiuri, manifestari de prin alte culturi mai avansate. Nu e nimic rau in asta, in acest punct ne-a adus globalizarea si nu ma deranjeaza sa asimilez anumite lucruri bune, care functioneaza si pe la altii. Insa in ultima vreme a luat o amploare ingrijoratoare preluarea unor termeni din engleza si folosirea lor peste masura la birou. Faptul ca vorbim multe limbi straine e un lucru bun pentru romani, dar as vrea macar sa vorbim corect, daca la anumite obiceiuri nu vom renunta. Mai rau e ca anumiti termeni nu sunt altceva decat traduceri care nu au sens sau nu se regasesc in limba romana.

In loc de TRIMITE acum avem SUBMITEAZA, ceea ce mi se pare ciudat, pentu ca un simplu trimite e mai simplu de pronuntat.


Aceasta mi se pare unul dintre cei mai ciudati termeni, pentru ca englezii il folosesc in alt context. In cazul nostru, vorbim de o decizie care “IMPACTEAZA” intreaga companie. Nu e mai usor sa spunem INFLUENTEAZA?

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A doua operatie la san

As fi sperat ca dupa prima operatie la san sa ma opresc aici, din nefericire nu a fost asa. Ma bucur insa ca si a doua oara a fost vorba tot de un nodul benign. Cat am fost in spital si am vazut in jurul meu multa tristete si diagnostice infricosatoare, operatia mea a parut doar un hop mic fata de alte lucruri mai grave.

Am descoperit al doilea nodul la san la unul dintre controalele regulate. A inceput sa se formeze la 4 luni dupa prima operatie. Dupa ce m-am sfatuit cu medicul meu am decis sa il urmarim in urmatoarele 3 luni, ca sa vedem cum evolueaza. A crescut relativ repede; la urmatorul control avea deja 1 centimetru. Pe ecografie totul arata bine, o a doua operatie nu era o urgenta, asa cum s-a intampat prima data, cand diagnosticul nu era unul atat de sigur.

Am decis insa sa il operez acum, cat nu au aparut complicatii, dar si pentru ca incizia sa fie cat mai mica. A doua operatie a fost mult mai usoara (a avut loc la 9 luni de la prima), poate si pentru ca deja stiam la ce sa ma astept. Interventia si recuperarea au fost mult mai simple decat prima data, cand totul a fost intr-un stadiu mult mai avansat. Desi aspectul nodului era benign, tot am avut ceva emotii, pana in clipa in care am auzit rezultatele. Nu stiu de ce, dar creierul meu refuza sa nu proceseze si varianta scenariului negativ. Celebrul “ce se intampla daca” m-a tot urmarit.

Experienta mea nu a fost diferita, procedurile de internare, cele dinaintea operatiei si dupa au fost fix la fel. Am reactionat la fel de bine si la anestezie, am descoperit ca reusesc mare parte din ce se intampla dupa ce ma trezesc (aparent e un fenomen rar, care i-a surprins pe doctori). Pacientele cu care am interactionat au fost la fel de prietenoase si de curajoase. Va recomand ca daca vreodata ajungeti intr-un spital, indiferent din ce motiv, sa fiti cat mai prietenoase si mai vorbarete (desi uneori e ultimul lucru pe care il doriti), o vorba buna si un zambet ajuta. Atat pe cel care le ofera, cat si pe cel caruia ii sunt adresate. Timpul trece mai repede cand ai cu cine schimba o vorba.

Acum sunt bine, astept urmatoarele controale si sper sa nu ma mai confrunt vreodata cu o situatie de acest fel, desi nu se stie niciodata. Pentru fibroadenoame, pentru ca asta am avut, nu exista o explicate clara, nimeni nu stie de ce apar, desi cel mai probabil cauza pare sa fie una hormonala. O data aparute nu exista tratament, doar monitorizare si operatie, la recomandarea doctorului. Ca sa ma protejez de fibroadenoame sau de alte probleme am facut cateva schimbari in stilul de viata, dar si in alimentatie. Nu e vorba de ceva extrem, pentru ca nu sunt adepta unor schimbari bruste, dar despre asta intr-o postare viitoare. Pana atunci, va urez multa sanatate si daca mai aveti intrebari  ma gasiti mereu aici. Cel mai important lucru pe care imi doresc sa il retineti este ca un control anual la sani este extrem de important, poate fi diferenta intre viata si moarte, asa ca nu il ignorati!

My second breast surgery

I would have hoped that my first breast surgery will also be the last. It wasn’t like this. But still, I’m glad that the second time it was also a benign lump. While I was in the hospital, I saw around me all the sadness and scary diagnostics, and I can say my surgery was just a small challenge.

I discovered the second lump during one of the routine check-ups. It started to form only 4 months after my first surgery. After I talked to my doctor, we decided the best thing was to do a follow-up after 3 months and see how it evolves. It grew relatively fast; at my next checkup, it already was 1 cm in size. It had a benign aspect, surgery was not an emergency, like the first time, when the diagnose was not so clear.

We decided to have surgery early, to prevent any future complications, and for aesthetic reasons: a smaller incision. The second surgery was easier (9 months after the first one), maybe because I knew what to expect. The surgery and the recovery were easier than the first time when all was in a more advanced stage. Even if the lump looked benign, I was still nervous until the moment I got the results. I don’t know why, but my brain refused to stop thinking about a negative scenario. “What if” was my constant thought.

My experience was not different from the first, the hospitalization procedures and the ones after and before surgery were the same. I also reacted well again to the general anesthesia, I discovered that I can remember almost everything that happens right after I wake up (apparently it’s a rare phenomenon that surprised the doctors). The patients that I interacted with were very friendly this time and brave also. If you are ever in a hospital, no matter the reason, be as friendly and as talkative as possible (even if sometimes is the last thing you want), a nice word and a smile always help the giver and the receiver. Time passes quickly when you have someone to talk to.

Now I’m well, waiting for my next checkups, and I hope never to return there again, even if you never know what’s next. For fibroadenomas, because it’s what I had, there is no clear explanation, nobody knows why they shop up, but most probably, it’s a hormonal imbalance. Once they form, there is no treatment, other than follow ups or surgery, depending on the doctor’s advice. To try and remain fibroadenoma-free, I made some changes in my lifestyle and food. It’s not something drastic, I don’t approve of extreme changes, but I’ll write about this soon. Until then, I wish you health and if you have any questions, I’ll always be here. The most important thing that I want you to learn and remember from my story is that an annual breast exam is very important, it can mean the difference between life and death, so do not ignore it!


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Prima discutie dupa operatie

Dupa ce am ajuns in salon, doamna doctor mi-a mai facut o vizita; s-a asigurat ca sunt bine si a discutat cu mine pret de cateva minute. Abia atunci m-am convins definitiv ca rezultatul a fost unul bun.

Nu mi-a fost rau deloc, desi imi era o sete crunta; imediat dupa operatie nu ai voie sa bei foarte multa apa. Dupa cateva ore am putut sa mananc ceva usor si am avut voie sa beau si o cafea cu mult lapte. Asta m-a facut tare fericita.

In noaptea dupa operatie, desi ma simteam bine, am ramas in spital ca masura de precautie. Durerile au fost suportabile, nu am avut nevoie de calmante. De dormit nu prea am reusit sa dorm dar nu stiu pe nimeni care sa se fi odihnit bine intr-un spital. Patul nu era foarte comod, si asta mi-a facut viata si mai grea pentru ca ma durea spatele mai rau decat operatia. E agitatie chiar si noaptea, pacientii mai merg la baie, asistentele mai intra in salon.

Dimineata a urmat si primul pansament si momentul in care am vazut operatia pentru prima data. Arata mai bine decat ma asteptam, foarte putin inflamata si fara vanatai evidente. Pasamentul nu e deloc dueros, doar se schimba o fasa si cu o seringa se extrage limfa de la locul operatiei (daca e cazul sau daca nu exista drena, asta depinde de la caz la caz). Apoi am fost gata de plecare.

Sfaturile au fost simple, revenirea la pansamente, efort minim cateva zile, comprese cu gheata pentru evitarea inflamarii si urmarea unui tratmanent medicamentos. Firele le-am scos dupa doua saptamani, procesul nu a fost deloc dureos. Restrictii au fost minime, sa evit pentru moment baile lungi, expunerea la soare si sa nu fac sport o perioada.

M-am bucurat ca nu am avut probleme cu operatia, care s-a vindecat binisor. Acum, dupa 10 luni inca se mai observa (nici nu se poate altfel) insa nu este ceva deranjant. Consider ca e un pret mic platit pentru sanatatea mea. Din punct de vedere estetic nu aveti de ce sa va faceti giji. In functie de taietura, zona va fi amortita timp de cateva luni, dar isi va reveni cu timpul. Iar singurele restrictii pe care le am in continuare sunt legate de expunerea directa la soare. Asadar, interzis la topless 🙂

Urmeaza controale si ecografii periodice, la recomandarea doctorului. Eu am avut insa ghinion teribil; a aparut si al doilea nodul dupa cateva luni, la sanul opus, fix in acelasi loc.

First talk after surgery

After I got back to the hospital room, my doctor came back to check up on me; she made sure I’m ok and we talked for a couple of minutes. It was only then that I was convinced the test result was ok.

I didn’t feel sick at all, but I was so so thirsty; right after surgery, you’re not allowed to drink lots of water. After a few hours I was allowed to eat something light and I had a cup of coffee with milk. This made me very happy.

I stayed in the hospital the night after surgery, even if I was feeling well, as a precaution measure. The pain was bearable, I didn’t need any painkillers. I couldn’t really sleep, the bed was not very comfortable, and you can’t get a good rest in a hospital. There are people roaming around even during the night, the patients often go to the bathroom, and the nurses enter the rooms to check the patients.

In the morning my bandages were changed and I took a look at the surgery. It looked better than I was expecting, no visible inflammation and no bruising. The bandage change is not painful, the nurse will just change the bandage and the doctor will use a syringe to extract lymph from the surgery site (if it’s the case or if there’s not a surgical drain in place). I was ready to go home.

The doctor’s advice was simple, I came back for bandage changes a few times, no physical effort for a few days, local ice pack applications to avoid inflammation and a prescription for a few days. I got my stitches removed after two weeks, and it was not painful at all. There were minimal restrictions, no hot and long baths, no sun exposure and no sports for a while.

I was happy I had no major issues after the surgery, it healed pretty well. Now, after 10 months it’s barely noticeable (it will always be there) but it’s not a problem. It’s a small price I paid for my health. From the esthetic point of view, there’s nothing to worry about. Each surgery is different, but the site of the incision may be numb for a while. You’ll get the senses back soon. The only restrictions I still have are related to direct sun exposure. So no topless tanning 🙂

I also have periodic ultrasounds, depending on the doctor orders. I had bad luck; a second breast lump appeared after a few months in my other breast, in the exact same location.


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La terapie intensiva

Operatia de indepartare a nodului a durat cam 45 de minute. Doctorii au scos nodulul si inca o bucatica de tesut din san aflata chiar sub nodul, cu aspect atipic. Aceasta zona nu era vizibila la ecografie, din cauza nodulului de deasupra; iata unul dintre motivele pentru care orice nodul care trece de 2 centimetri ar trebui scos. Medicii afla primele rezultate chiar in sala de operatie. Rezultatele definitive sunt eliberate dupa mai multe teste (in aproximativ 30 de zile). Eu am avut noroc, ambele teste au aratat ca nu erau prezente celule canceroase.

Dupa operatie, m-am trezit chiar in sala, asistata de medici; doua asistente ma pansau. Desi se spune ca dupa anestezia generala te trezesti fara sa ai notiunea timpului ca si cum abia ai adormit, la mine nu a fost asa, stiam ca a trecut ceva vreme, eu am crezut ca e vorba de o ora.  Primul lucru pe care l-am facut a fost sa ii intreb pe doctori de 5 ori (eu am crezut ca am intrebat de 3 ori) daca rezultatul a fost bun. Mi-au raspuns da, de fiecare data. Apoi am fost transportata la terapie intensiva, cu o perfuzie de ser fiziologic. Era doar o masura de precautie. Nu am putut sa adorm deloc, mai mult decat atat, mintea imi alerga si nu voiam decat sa plec acasa. Cat am stat acolo (aproximativ 45 de minute) am inceput sa ma gandesc ca medicii mi-au zis ca sunt bine chiar daca nu eram ca sa nu ma agite dupa operatie. Da, am fost putin paranoia.

Inainte ca anestezia sa isi faca complet efectul, dar si dupa ce m-am trezit am fost extrem de activa si de vorbareata. Imi aduc aminte aproximativ 80 la suta din tot ce am zis. De la lucruri extrem de serioase si lucide la lucruri de genul: “Daca tot mi-ati operat sanii, i-ati si marit?”” sau “Si eu voiam sa ma fac chirurg, m-am razgandit si am ales sa scriu, dar ma uit la operatii pe Discovery Channel” plus multe multe altele. Daca pacientul e constient si se simte bine, poate fi vizitat de 2 persoane, chiar acolo, la terapie intensiva, pentru o perioada foarte scurta de timp, dupa se ce respecta cateva norme igienice.

Insotitorii pot astepta in fata blocului operator si o asistenta va discuta cu ei despre situatia pacientului. Cand medicul de la terapie intensiva a decis ca sunt ok, am fost transportata inapoi in salon cu un carucior cu rotile (eu voiam sa o iau pe scari) si la jumatatea drumului l-am rugat pe baiatul care ma impingea sa “bage viteza”. Dupa cum vedeti, am fost un pacient atipic, care nu a reactionat deloc rau la anestezie.

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Intensive care unit

The lump removal surgery lasted about 45 minutes. The doctor removed the lump and another piece of breast tissue, located right under the lump, with an atypical aspect. This area was not visible during the ultrasound tests because the lump concealed it; it’s one of the reasons why any lump larger than 2 centimeters should be removed. The doctors find out the first results in the operating room. The final results are ready after many tests (about 30 working days). I was lucky, no cancerous cells were present.

After the surgery, I woke up in the operating room, assisted by the doctors; two nurses were applying bandages. They say that after general anesthesia you wake up with no notion of time like you just fell asleep, but it wasn’t like this for me, I knew some time has passed and thought it was about an hour. The first thing I did was to ask them 5 times (I thought it was only 3 times) if the result is ok. They answered yes each time. Then I was transferred to the intensive care unit, with a saline solution IV. Only as a precaution measure. I couldn’t sleep at all, even more so, my mind was racing and I only wanted to go home. While I was there (about 45 minutes) my mind started to create all kind of theories, one being that the doctors lied about the tests so that I wouldn’t react badly right after surgery. Yes, I was a bit paranoid.

Before the general anesthesia fully kicked in and also after I woke up I’ve been extremely active and talkative. I remember about 80 percent of what I said, from serious things to stuff like: “Well if you performed surgery on by breasts did you also augment them?” or “I also wanted to be a surgeon, I chose writing in the end, but I watch surgeries on the Discovery Channel” and many more. If the patient is aware and well, 2 persons are allowed to visit in the intensive care unit, but for a very short period of time and only after some hygienic measures are taken.

The hospital companions can wait outside the operation room, and a nurse will talk to them about the patient’s situation. When the intensive care doctor decided I’m ok, they took me back to my hospital room in a wheelchair (I wanted to take the stairs) and halfway I asked the guy who was pushing the chair to “step it up a bit”. As you can see, I’ve been an atypical patient, who reacted well to the general anesthesia.

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Operatia de indepartare a nodulului

In ziua operatiei m-am trezit super devreme, oricum nu prea am avut somn (a fost prima experienta de acest fel pentru mine). Am fost preluata de asistenta doctorului meu, care mi-a luat pulsul, tensiunea, mi-a dat un gel de dus cu care sa ma spal pe locul operatiei si mi-a dat si halatelul in care urma sa intru in sala. Apropo, daca s-ar lucra putin si la bai si dusuri as putea sa spun ca la Institutul Oncologic Bucuresti (IOB) ar fi aproape bine. Dar stiind ce e prin alte spitale ma abtin de la comentarii inutile. Aici exista o baie cat de cat curata (depinde si de colegele de salon), functionala si un dus.

Am mai schimbat cateva vorbe si cu doamna doctor si cu cel de-al doilea medic care urma sa ma opereze.

Apoi o alta asistenta m-a luat de manuta, a incercat sa ma linisteasca pe cat de mult posibil in acea situatie si m-a condus spre blocul operator.

Acum fac o mica pauza si va spun ca eu multa vreme am vrut sa am fac chirurg, nu imi e frica de sange, operatie, ace, ba chiar sunt curioasa. Firea mea mi-a facut viata mult mai usoara in spital.

Am ajuns in preoperator si parca am intrat in alta lume. Era prima experienta de acest gen din viata mea. Era modern si curat, peste asteptarile mele. Am fost preluata de asistentele de aici, carora le multumesc pentru vorbele frumoase si zambete.

Una imi punea cipiceii in picioare, alta casca pe cap iar alta branula in mana. Sunt genul de om caruia nu ii place necunoscutul in aceste situatii, vreau sa stiu ce urmeaza sa mi se intample. Medicii si asistentele au vazut acest lucru si mi-au respectat dorinta. Inca un lucru la care nu ma asteptam. Imi era frica de faptul ca o sa mi se vorbeasca de sus si ca o sa mi se comande mai rau decat imi era de operatia in sine.

Tot in preoperator, urma sa vina si medicul anestezist pentru o discutie de rutina. Am stat acolo cuminte cateva minute. In sala alaturata se desfasura o operatie … curioasa din fire am urmarit totul din spatele geamului. Desigur, nu trebuie sa faceti ca mine, daca va e foarte frica atunci mai bine stati lungite in pat.

Dupa discutia de rutina cu anestezistul, una dintre asistente a venit sa ma conduca spre sala de operatie. In drumul meu am trecut si pe langa alte sali. Se opereaza pe muzica, sau in liniste doar cu sunetul aparatelor de monitorizare. Din nou, curizitatea si ineditul situatiei cred ca mi-au blocat cat de cat frica.

Am ajuns in sala de operatie, acolo ma astptau medicii, cu zambetul pe buze si comunicativi. Au ramas asa pana am adormit. Dupa ce m-am intins pe masa, doctorii mi-au spus, impreuna cu asistentele tot ce se intampla, pas cu pas. La un moment dat m-au anuntat ca se pregatesc sa injecteze anestezia. “O sa te simti putin ametita”, mi-a spus doctorul.

Pentru ca nu am mai trecut prin asa ceva, bazandu-ma pe ce am auzit de la prieteni si pe ceam vazut in emisiunile de la tv, am crezut ca o sa pic lata imediat. Nu s-a intamplat asta si la mine. Am intrebat de cateva ori daca adorm, cand trebuie sa adorm si de ce nu adorm mai repede. Asta s-a intamplat dupa ce le-am transmis tuturor ca eu voiam sa ma fac chirurg si ca la noapte o sa dorm pe patul din blocul operator, pentru ca e mult mai confortabil decat patul meu din salon. Cred ca toti au fost usurati sa vada ca am adormit in sfarsit.

Restul povestii:

Breast lump removal surgery

I woke up super early on the day of the surgery; I didn’t sleep much anyway (it was my first surgery). My doctor’s nurse took my pulse and arterial pressure, gave me a shower gel to wash the surgery site and also gave me a robe to put on before surgery. By the way, if they would upgrade the bathrooms and toilets, I could say that the conditions at The National Oncology Institute in Bucharest (IOB) are almost decent. But, knowing the state of other hospitals, I stay away from useless comments. At least here I had a mildly clean bathroom (it also depends on the other patients), and a place to shower.

I also exchanged some words with the doctors, they were nice enough to visit and discuss some final aspects.

Another nurse came and took my hand, she tried to comfort me as much as possible on our way to the operating room.

Insert short break here, because I want to tell you that for the longest time I wanted to become a surgeon, so I’m not afraid of blood, hospitals, needles, I am very curious. This made my life easier here.

I arrived in the preoperative room and I felt like I have entered another world. It was the first experience for me; it was modern and clean, over my expectations. I want to thank the nurses who took care of me, were gentle and smiled.

One nurse was putting on those operating room slippers, another one the surgical hair net and the Intravenous (IV) cannula. I’m the type of person who does not like the unknown in situations like these, I want to know what’s going to happen next. The doctors and nurses here noticed this and respected my wish. It was another thing I did not expect. I was afraid they were going to patronize me, it was actually scarier than the surgery itself.

I also waited here for the anesthesiologist to show up for a routine talk. I waited for a few minutes. In a room nearby the doctors were performing a surgery … I’m very curious and took a peek from behind the window. Of course, you don’t have to do this, if you’re afraid you should just lie on the bed and try to relax.

After the routine talk with the anesthesiologist, one of the nurses came to take me to the operating room. On my way, I’ve passed other rooms. Some performed surgery listening to music, others were quiet; you could only hear the sound of the medical equipment. Again, my curiosity blocked my fear.

I arrived in the operating room, and there the doctors were waiting, they were smiling and very talkative. They stayed like this until I fell asleep. After I lied down on the table, the doctors and nurses told me what was going on, step by step. At some point, they’ve told me they’ll begin the anesthesia procedure. “You’re going to feel a bit dizzy”, said the doctor.

Because it was my first experience, I was only relying on what I’ve seen on TV documentaries and on what my friends told me, so I thought I’ll fall asleep on the spot. It didn’t happen with me. I’ve asked a few times if I’m falling asleep, when will I fall asleep and why I’m not falling asleep faster. Before this, I’ve let everyone know that I wanted to be a surgeon and that “tonight I’m sleeping here because It’s way more comfortable than the bed I was supposed to actually sleep in.” I think they were all relieved when I finally fell asleep.

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